January 2020 Specials

All below specials available till 31st January 2020 only, or while stocks last.

Dust free cutting is here - Guarda Edge Petrol Power Cutter now in stock (click to view video)

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*Free shipping valid on orders over $150 of products from this special to maximum 5kg.  Includes regular standard post, or add $6 for express satchel. Mention this deal to get free shipping.

Husqvarna Elite Series Diamond Blades - BRAND NEW

Husqvarna Vari Cut S6 105mm/4"  $20 each -or- 3 for $50
Husqvarna Elite Cut S6 115mm/4.5" $25 each -or- 3 for $60

Optimal - Ceramic Tiles 
Good - Granite, Marble, Natural Stone 
Acceptable - Concrete, Brick

125mm/5" Husqvarna MaxiPro Granite Diamond Blades

Best on Granite, Ceramic Tiles, Marble, Slate, Terrazzo

$25 each -or- 3 for $60


Spare Parts:

Now is a good time to service your tools in preparation for the New Year.

Quick Cut recoil assemblies:
K760 and K770 $95 (includes bolts)
K960 and K970 $110 (includes bolts)

Air Filters:
K760/770 AIR FILTER (574362302) $71 (After market sold out)
K950/960 PAPER AIR FILTER (506347002) $90 (After market $40)
K970/K1260 AIR FILTER (510 24 4103)  $52 (After market $35)

Cut quick belts:
K750/K760 BELT $50 (After market $35)
K770 Belt $50
K970 16" BELT $63 (After market $40)
K1250/1260/1270 Belt - 14"/16"/14" Rail $72 (After market $40) 
Many other parts available ex stock

Brick saw mitre blocks - 3 types
TS300E - 90 degrees only - $35
TS350E & TS400 - various angle -   $72
Trade Made - various angles - $72

Core drill brushes - from $20 pair
Available for Husqvarna, Weka, Golz, Eibenstock, Dymaxion and more

Core barrel segments, crowns and tools:
Segments from $8 each, crowns from $25 each.
All free postage till 31/1/20  when your total order is $150 or more.
See here.

Husqvarna FS309 Floor saw belt $60

Spiky Cup wheels

The new Premium quality Spiky cup wheel is for grinding on concrete and terrazzo floor, with good performance on hard concrete. It is also for paint and thin epoxy removal. These wheels are very smooth to use, cut very well, and leave no swirl marks if used correctly.
Great for fast working speed and smooth operation on concrete and terrazzo floor.
These high quality cup wheels will out perform arrow cup wheel hands down.


5"/125mm $135 each incl GST

7"/180mm $195 each incl GST

(#30/40 only, 22.23mm centre)

Flush Cut Blades

flush-cut-blue.jpg Cut concrete, brick etc, level with the floor
M14 Thread
4"/100mm $75 each incl GST
5"/125mm $90 each incl GST
7"/180mm $125 each incl GST

Crack Chasing Blades

Cut out cracks before repair work can begin.5"/125mm crack chasing blade 6.3 mm thick
$95 incl GST

7"/180mm crack chasing blade 9.5 mm thick
$125 incl GST


Concrete Cup Wheels

5" Diamond Cup Wheels - Premium

High quality Korean turbo cup diamond grinding wheel with a very soft bond for hard concrete

Available in fine, medium and coarse.

7/8" (22.23mm centre)

$135 incl GST ea


4" Diamond Cup Wheels - Premium

4"/100mm soft bond for granite and hard concreteM14 Thread, so suits most small angle grinders
Premium quality at a Chinese price

$50 incl GST
(limited stock only)

Dymaxion Tools


Diamond Jigsaw Blades
For ceramics, tiles, fibreglass compressed fibre board, cement and light bricks.
Universal fitting, 50mm cut length.
$20 (2 blades per pack)

Quad Cutters 
16 x 450mm Dymaxion Drill Bit SDS Plus - for concrete and masonry.  $30 each
22 x 450mm Drill Bit - SDS Plus - for concrete and masonry.  $50 each


Tooltec TT2100 CORE DRILL $995 incl GST



  • 2100watt
  • 3 speed - 590 / 1310 /  2730 RPM
  • Up to 150mm in concrete, 200mm in brick (on stand)
  • Low speed suitable for use with bigger diameter core barrels
  • Suitable for Rig Mounted or Hand Held
  • Collar Diameter: 60mm
  • Spindle Fitting: Male 1 ¼" UNC, 1/2" Female
  • Soft Start fitted
  • Overload Protection fitted
  • Clutch: Mechanical
  • R.C.D. fitted
  • 10amp plug
  • Ideal for fencing contractors or hire
  • Not eligible for free post
  • $995 incl GST

Tooltec drill rig available separately 
 - Rig Height  950mm
 - 15kg
 - 90 - 45 degrees
 - Not eligible for free post
 - $895 incl GST

All below specials only available 2nd Dec 2019 to 31st January 2020 only, or while stocks last.

All prices include GST, and do not include blades or drill bits unless otherwise stated.

FREE shipping* on below items over $150!

*Free shipping valid on orders over $150 of products from this special to maximum 5kg.  Includes regular standard post, or add $6 for express satchel. Mention this deal to get free shipping.

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