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Prices correct as 1/3/22 but subject to change.

Cromtech Air scrubbers:

The Cromtech Air Scrubber (AS110001) is made for indoor air quality restoration.
It has a filtration device fitted with HEPA filters for removing hazardous airborne particles from the air such as mould, dust, fumes etc.
Variable speed control
Compact and stackable
400mm/16″ Inlet, 250mm/10″ outlet.
$1385 incl GST (ducting extra)


Golz Concrete Core Barrels:

Golz is a Germany company.
We stock selected concrete barrels in 450mm length, with 1 1/4" UNC fitting.
They are for concrete with light to medium reo and masonry.
25mm $90 ea Incl GST
45mm $110 ea Incl GST
56mm $125 ea Incl GST
62mm $150 ea Incl GST
127mm $225 ea Incl GST

img_3398.jpeg img_3399.jpeg

Golz Premium blade specials:

16"/400mm Combination super premium silent blade.
For fast cutting for concrete, bricks, granite, general purpose.
18"/450mm Golz Concrete and asphalt combination premium laser welded
For fast cutting concrete, reinforced concrete, hard bricks and asphalt.
All $250 each incl GST

img_3391.jpeg img_3395.jpeg img_3393.jpeg img_3394.jpeg

Got a battery powered 9"/230mm cut quick?

This is the blade for it!
Made in Australia by Syntec especially for battery power quick cuts.
10mm segment height
22.23mm centre
$110 incl GST


Early Entry Blades

Is your purple blade wearing out too fast in the Summer heat?
Your concrete maybe curing faster than usual hard in the heat, so a medium or hard bond maybe better.
These purple blades are the most popular, and are ideal on hard or medium aggregate.
As a rule of thumb, the gold blade is for same-day cutting, the red blade is for next day cutting and the purple blade is for cutting after 2-3 days.
We now stock three different Syntec 152mm blades with a  triangular cut out to suit Husqvarna Soff cuts.
Gold blade - hard bond for soft aggregate
Red blade - medium bond for medium aggregate
Purple blade - soft bond for hard aggregate
All $115 incl GST each


Tyrolit VCE2000 dust and water collection system

  • Two 1000 watt motors
  • 10 amp plug
  • With vac hose, wand & tool
  • Robust undercarriage
  • Variable power
  • 80 litre capacity
  • Stainless steel tank
  • 35 kgs
  • $1175 incl GST

vce2000.png img_3083.jpeg

Motorised Barrows:

TMP electric barrows:
100l steel tray with built in battery (10amp/hr) with charger.
See pictures below
$TBA incl GST
- or - with connection to use your own rechargeable battery (Makita, Dewalt, Milwaukee, Bosch etc).
$TBA incl GST

img_3074.jpeg img_3075.jpeg img_3077.jpeg

PCD tipped fibre cement cutting blades

For use on circuliar saws, table saws, mitre saws etc.
These blades will cut compressed  and non compressed fibre cement sheets.

Cut with up to 70% less dust.
Last up to 50 times longer life than standard carbide blades.
See more here


New Husqvarna Core Drill - now in stock

Husqvarna DM 200 is suitable for light applications such as ventilation, plumbing pipes, electrical sockets and cables.
Powerful and sturdy handheld electric core drill for wet drilling, or connect to a vacuum for dry drilling (ideal for indoor use). 
Optimised for drilling 25 mm – 80 mm holes, with maximum capacity of 100mm.
The ergonomically designed D-handle gives you good control whilst drilling and its versatility makes it an ideal partner for professionals.
DM 200 has connectivity with Husqvarna Fleet Services™ system for monitoring of runtime, location, inventory etc.
$1550 incl GST
(DM230 $1999 incl GST)

dm2001.png dm2002.png dm2003.png

Multi tool saw blades

- Universal fit
 - 5 piece Starter kit
 - Individual masonry and grout bits

See full range and prices here


Reciprocating saw blades

- For  porous concrete, masonry, fibreglass, stainless steel and cast iron pipes
 - Carbide grit tipped
 - 3 different lengths

See full range and prices here

recipro-blades.png img_2912.jpeg img_2913.jpeg

Hybrid grinding and polishing wheel

Full range now in stock.
For grinding and polishing very hard concrete and terrazzo.
Extremely popular in USA (our supplier sells one million per year there!), but are new to the Australian market.
Available in Coarse, Medium and Fine grits
Korean quality
Maximum speed - 6700RPM
Dry use only (so use with dust extraction)
M14 thread - screws on your variable speed angle grinder or polisher.

5"/125mm - $125 each incl GST
7"/180mm - $150 each incl GST

hybrid-samin.png hybrid.png

Eibenstock 35 litre M class wet dry vacuum

Compact wet and dry vacuum with:
  - Automatic filter cleaning (pulse)
 - 1600 watts
 - 35 litre capacity
 - Full set of attachments and fittings included
 - Made in Germany
See more here
$1395 incl GST

dss35.1.jpg dss35.2.jpg dss35.4.jpg

Concrete Grinders

Two German made Eibenstock grinders now in stock:

125mm (EBS1802)
 - 1800 watt
 - 10,000 RPM
 - with 125mm/5" concrete cup wheel
 - $995 incl GST

180mm (EBS180H)
 - 2500 watt
 - 8,500 RPM
 - with 180mm/7" concrete cup wheel
 - $1675 incl GST



TMP 20" Compactors

  • With Honda GX160 or GP200 engine
  • 0-20 metres per minute operating speed.
  • 19kn centrifugal force.
  • 20 degrees climbing ability.
  • 460 x 690mm – plate dimensions.
  • 92kg weight

$TBA incl GST each

Eibenstock WPN180 Wet angled polisher :

  • Polishing of different surfaces
  • Removal of scratches
  • Suits different surfaces (natural and engineered stone, granite etc)
  • Power: 1200W
  • No load speed: 1500 - 2800RPM
  • Disc Diameter: Maximum 180mm
  • $750 incl GST

wpn180.png wpn1801.jpg

Eibenstock ETR230 now in stock

A light but powerful dry cutter with easy connection to a vacuum.

  • 2600 watts
  • No load speed: 6500RPM
  • Disc Diameter: 230mm
  • Maximum cutting depth: 65mm
  • Maximum blade thickness - 10mm
  • Machine Weight 7.5kg
  • Comes with case, 230mm diamond blade, dust guard, protection guard, tools & manual.
  • $875 incl GST

etr2303.png etr2304.jpg etr230-use.jpg

Prices correct as 1/3/22 but subject to change.
Blades, core barrels and accessories not included unless specified

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