Electroplated Blades

Diamond Blades for Fiberglass, tile grout etc

United Diamond Blades carry a range of electroplated diamond blades for cutting fibreglass, glass, ceramics, tiles etc. They are  popular with tilers for removing grout from between tiles. They will also cut all cement and clay fired products like roof tiles, fibre cement board, slate, travertine, limestone etc (although the wear rate may be higher than with dedicated blades).

With electro plated blades, the diamonds stay at the surface of the cut, allowing for fast material removal. They do not last as long as bonded blades but are the least expensive diamond blades available. They are ideal for smaller jobs and beginning cutting operations. They may be used dry (without coolant) such as cutting very soft, ductile (malleable) or gummy materials. However, take precautions to avoid breathing in any silica dust that is created.

We also supply Diamond Jig saw blades. They are 2 blades per pack, with a 50mm cut length, and a universal fitting (so fit most AEG, Bosch, Dewalt, Festo, Rok, Hitatchi, Makita, Metabo etc jigsaws). They are suitable for cutting ceramcs, tiles, fibreglass compressed fibre board, cement and light bricks. Electricians use these to cut fibre cement board for down lights. (Part number S130DG/2).


Code Description Quality Centre Imp Met RRP
DBS2ELECTRO Electroplated Blades Trade  16mm 2" 50mm  $10
DBS25ELECTROSEMI Electroplated Blades - semi round Trade 10mm 2.5" 63mm $10
DBS3ELECTRO Electroplated Blades Trade  10 or 16mm 3" 75mm $10
DBS4ELECTRO Electroplated Blades Trade  16 or 20mm 4" 100mm  $12
DBS5ELECTRO Electroplated Blades Trade  20 or 22mm 5" 125mm  $15
DBS6ELECTRO Electroplated Blades Trade  22mm 6" 150mm  $20
DBS7ELECTRO Electroplated Blades Trade  25mm 7" 175mm  $54
DBS8ELECTRO Electroplated Blades Trade  25 or 30mm 8" 200mm  $56
DBS9ELECTRO Electroplated Blades Trade  25 or 30mm 9" 225mm  $60
DBS10ELECTRO Electroplated Blades Trade  25 or 30mm 10" 250mm  $88
DBS12ELECTRO Electroplated Blades Trade  25 or 30mm 12" 300mm  $100

Prices correct as of 1/8/19 but subject to change.

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