Diamond Flexis Whetstones

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Compared to oil and water stones, diamond whet stones are the best quality sharpening stone on the market. Diamond stones deliver very fast blade and tool edge sharpening over the entire stone surface, and are more likely to remain flat than other types of stones. While they are initially more expensive, they will also last the longest, so the long-term cost will be lower than other stones. 

KGS Diamond whetstone is a precision diamond sharpening tool with metal bonded diamonds.
Well suited for very fast sharpening or deburring any hard or brittle material.
No need for conventional sharpening stones any more as KGS Diamond sharpening stones work much faster and have an incredible long life! If you use the whetstones on a daily basis and maintain them properly, the diamond will likely last for a few years. For those that use them less frequently, it's likely the stone will last from 10 to 20 years!
Diamond sharpening stones can be used dry or wet, but wet is recommended. When using them wet, use water (not oil).
Made with Swiss Diamond Technology®

Ideal for manual sharpening of chisels, axes, shears, clippers, mower blades, serrated knives, fish hooks, drill bits and cutting tools, especially those made out of hard and brittle material, like tungsten carbide.



  • For both wet and dry grinding and polishing (water not oil)
  • Manual control allows extremely sharp edges
  • Incredibly long life compared to traditional whet stones
  • Aluminum support base with rubber feet
  • Well suited to sharpening, deburring and defect removal
  • All stones measure 6" x 2" / 150 x 50 mm
  • Very coarse 120 grit 
  • Coarse 200 grit 
  • Fine 400 grit 
  • Dual 200/400 grit  
  • All $85 each incl GST

Combination 2-in-1; two grit sizes on one sharpening stone!

KGS Whetstone PRO is available in a combination of grit sizes 200 and 400 (2-in-1). One part of the sharpening stone is grit 200 (red) and the other part is grit 400 (yellow), Thanks to the two different grit sizes on one sharpening stone it's easy to switch between coarse grinding with grit 200 and fine finishing with grit 400.

$85 incl GST


Prices correct as of 1/10/20 but subject to change.

Place whetstone on a flat clean surface to avoid wobbling and shaking.
Try the whetstone on your tool in an inconspicuous spot first.
Initially, the stone may feel very coarse. This is from the manufacturing process and will disappear quickly.
The edge of the blade should be sharpening in the middle of the stone, to prevent scratching the edge.
Initially, try in an inconspicuous corner first.
To Sharpen knives - lay blade flat on stone, then elevate the blade's spine by the thickness of the blade (approx 15°). Rub in a circular motion, alternating sides. Initially, use firm pressure to start an edge, then use lighter pressure. 
As the whet stone wears down, more diamonds will be exposed, so the stone will sharpen faster.
Clean up with a soft brush when dry grinding. If wet grinding, dry first, then clean with a brush.
If you think the stone is worn out, try rubbing a glass object (without breaking it) along the stone's edge. If it cuts a groove, it is not worn out.

One or two whetstones can fit in an small airbag, so see our Contact Us page for Australia wide regular and express postage prices.

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