Hybrid 2 in 1 grinding and polishing wheels

Due May 2018
Hybrid grinding and polishing wheels are suitable for replacing metal tools when grinding and polishing very hard concrete and terrazzo. 
Available in Coarse / Medium / Fine / Super Fine grits
They are:
 - Extremely efficient at scratch removal on any difficult working sites.
 - Very light weight and easy to work with.
 - Reduces working time with faster and more efficient performance than metal
grinding tools.
 - Korean quality

Hybrid 2 in 1 grinding and polishing  cup wheels

Diamond Blade Perth



4.0mm thick segment 
Available M14 (or 5/8 – 11 thread on request)

Grits - Coarse / Medium / Fine / Super Fine

Resin Multi Cup Wheel

 resin-multi-cup.png 4"/100mm For polishing stone, ceramic, tile and engineered stone.

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