Tile Blades

Continuous rim blades for cutting tiles, ceramics and porcelain

At United Diamond Tools, we carry a large range of continuous rim diamond blades for cutting porcelain, ceramics, tiles etc. Should you be working with these and you need a very easy cutting blade then contact the biggest tile blade stockist in Perth, Western Australia.

We also have blades suitable for cutting the new ultra hard porcelains. These were almost impossible to cut with traditional blades but our ultra thin blades cut them with out chipping. Ultra Thin blades need to remove less material to cut, so cutting is faster and cleaner. They are now avaible in a range of sizes up to 14"/350mm.



These ultra thin blades have immediately proven themselves with Australia's tile cutting industry. They provide the ultimate in clean cuts. With features to stop blade flexing, and they are amazing value as well.

Also ideal for ceramics, tiles, porcelain, hard stone etc.

5"/125mm - 22.23/16mm centre, 1.2mm thick
6"/150mm - 22.23/16mm, 1.6mm thick
8"/200mm - 25.4/16mm centre, 1.4 or 1.8mm thick
10"/250mm - 30/25.4mm centre, 1.6mm thick
12"/300mm 30/25.4mm centre, 2.2mm thick
14"/350mm 35/30/25.4mm centre, 2.4mm thick


Code Description Quality Arbor Imp Met RRP
DBS4TILE Porcelain or ceramic  Trade   4" 100mm $25
DBS5TILE Porcelain or ceramic Trade   5" 125mm $30
DBS6TILE Ceramic only Trade   6" 150mm $45
DBS8TILE Porcelain or ceramic Trade   8" 200mm $70
DBS9TILEH Husqvarna tile blade Special   9" 225mm $33
DBS9TILE Porcelain or ceramic Trade   9" 225mm $80
DBS10TILE Ceramic only Special   10" 250mm $90
DBS12TILE Porcelain or ceramic Trade   12" 300mm $125
HUSQ350GS2S Marble, ceramic tiles, granite Special   14" 350mm $175

Prices correct as of 1/7/20 but subject to change.

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