Guarda Power Cutters

We sell, service and repair the award winning dustless Guarda Power Cutters.
Controls dust, slurry and engine exhaust gas with the power of petrol cutting.


Stock arriving Dec 2019, the Guarda Edge Powercutter:

Edge Saw with Tri-Vac Technology:
1. Silica dust control via a combination of water delivered
to the blade guard and vacuum suction
2. Helps move harmful fumes such as Carbon Monoxide
away from the operator via vacuum suction and a
hose attachment to the muffler
3. Slurry control via vacuum suction to the blade guard.
• Fumes, dust and slurry are moved down the same hose
and away from the cutting operations
• No electricity & water at the saw
• Quick and easy to set up
• Suitable for general purpose concrete cutting


Cylinder Volume (cm3/ - 93.6/5.7
Fuel Capacity (Litre/US Pint) - 1.0/2.1
Carburettor type - Walbro
$2100 incl GST
(15"/380mm concrete blade to suit - $250 incl GST)


Download Edge Saw brochure


On short runs (under 10m) a twin or triple motor vac connected to the Edge will be sufficent.
On longer runs (10 metres plus) the following set up is recommended:


Slurry Interceptor
Traps the slurry if your vacuum lines back to the vacuum are too long ie over 10M
$435 incl GST

Guarda Vacuum Generator
Can replace 3 separate pieces of equipment – generator, vacuum & water pump
• Quick & easy to set up
• Can remove exhaust fumes, and cutting waste and provides a pressurised water supply (available as an option) all in one tool
• Ideal for use where there is no external power source or pressurised water supply
• Especially suitable for civil works and wet cutting operations in remote locations
• Can be used in conjunction with the Guarda Fume Tube and Guarda Edge Powercutter to remove fumes when cutting indoors or in enclosed spaces (Note: The Guarda Vacuum Generator should always be placed outdoors)
• Can be used with dry cutting operations where a hepa filter is placed in the vacuum line
• Can be used to vacuum slurry where a knockout pot is placed in the vacuum line
• Engine complies with EPIII & CARB I emission standards
• Lightweight and compact
$2795 incl GST


Download Vac Generator brochure

Guarda 16" FTR095
$995 incl GST

Guarda 16" FTR095 Powercutter





Developed for the tough Australian market, the Guarda Power Cutter is now exported to the US. This durable yet economical machine is ideal for building, demolition, maintenance and hire companies. Backed up with a commercial 12 month warranty and a full range of spare parts here in W.A., it provides a reliable and cost effective alternative in the Australian market place.
It can also  be supplied with fume extraction hose, which is ideal for when it is used indoors.

  • Blade size - 400mm (16")
  • Cylinder Volume (cm3) -93.6cc
  • Power - 4.0kW
  • Fuel Capacity (Litre) -1.0
  • Carburettor type -Walbro
  • Ignition - Walbro CDI
  • Weight (without blade) 11.75kg
  • Max cutting depth: 150mm
  • Not for heavy duty use

Blades to suit: 16" Budget blade $135, Trade Series $175 or Premium $350

Download a brochure here  (1.2MB), and the operators manual here (3.9MB)

"Fume Tube" fume extraction hose to suit (4 metres, incorporates water hose) $795
Extension hose - 15m $110

See our "Used Machinery " page for refurbished units for sale.

Prices correct as of 1/12/19 but subject to change.

Silica dust is very dangerous, especially if dry cutting. For more info on silica, see Safe Work Australia's info here.

For the operation and spare parts manuals for these machines  Click Here 


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