Diamond Honeycomb Resin Polishing Pad

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The Premium Honeycomb polishing pads are made in Korea and are a great polishing pad.
Will not leave colour on the surface, and last considerably longer than other pads.
With its ability to deflect heat, it's amazing flexibility,  long life and top quality finish, these Honeycomb Diamond Polishing Pads are the best dry polishing pad on the market.

Designed to be used dry, which in most situations is a lot easier as water makes a messy slurry that can be difficult to clean up. Our  pad has large channels for superior dust evacuation. It is ideally used for dry polishing but can be used for wet polishing as well. These velcro backed polishing pads simply stick to the velcro backing pad (available seperately, below)  that attaches to your angle grinder. The best control is achieved when using a variable speed angle grinder.

  • Designed for Flexibility
  • Honeycomb pattern
  • Great life expectancy
  • Exceptional polishing
  • Ideal for edging
  • Large channels for dust evacuation
  • Dry use only

Ideal for:

  • Concrete
  • Hard marble
  • Granite
  • Natural stone
  • Engineered or manufactured stone
  • Travertine etc


  • Grit: 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500 & 3000
  • Diameter:  5"/125mm
  • Pattern Type: Diamond Honeycomb Resin
  • Suits most 125mm velcro backing pads

All $25 each incl GST

Maximum speed for our dry diamond polishing pads is 4500 RPM.
We can not be responsible for any quality issues if you use high speed grinder with any of our pads.

Note - Worksafe WA specify "Uncontrolled dry cutting (ie dry cutting without local exhaust ventilation on-tool) is non-compliant and WorkSafe inspectors will take enforcement action where this practice is identified." See more here

pad-100-grit.png grind-pad.jpg

pad-f-and-b.png pad-range.jpg

Tyrolit 5"/125mm Backing pads with velcro, M14
Aluminium (rigid) $50 incl GSTea                             Magic Pad (flexible) $70 incl GST ea

Cushion pads/backing sponge:
Velcro Male and female, 4mm thick
$50 each incl GST


Prices correct as of 1/5/20 but subject to change.

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