Combi Diamond Blades

We prefer to see customers use the right type of blade to suit what they are cutting. It is quicker, easier and in the long run, less expensive. But sometimes you need a blade for cutting a full range of materials. We carry in stock good quality United Diamond Tools combination blades as well as blades from Tyrolit and Husqvarna in the most common blade sizes (14"/350mm and 16"/400mm) as below. They will provide solid, low priced performance with a cost effective service life.

United Diamond Tools Combi Diamond blades


Diamond Blade Perth



Our Premium Combi  gray blades are excellent value for money. They are designed for asphalt, natural limestone and all types of concrete including cured, reinforced and green concrete.

Features "R type" under cut protection, to reduce kickback, for safer cutting.

Segment height is 10 mm, 3.2mm thick 1"/25.4mm centre.

14"/350mm UDT Gray blades - $330 incl GST ea 16"/400mm UDT Gray blades - $350 incl GST ea

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Tyrolit Combi Diamond blades


Diamond Blade Perth



The Tyrolit DCU Basic series are a 3.2mm thick budget blade. For use on universal building materials such as concrete, clay bricks, natural stone, etc. It's harder bond will cope with asphalt or natural limestone, but it will wear faster.

Segment height is 10 or 11mm. 1"/25.4mm centre.

14"/350mm Tyrolit DCU blades

$95 incl GST each
($85 ea for two, $80 ea for three)

16"/400mm Tyrolit DCU blades

$135 incl GST each
($120 ea for two, $110 ea for three)

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Diamond Blade Perth



Husqvarna's budget blade is the Tacti - Cut range. The composition of the blade is designed for high speed cutting of universal construction materials.

Optimal - cured concrete
Good - reinforced concrete, brick, tile, iron Acceptable - granite marble, natural stone, abrasive materials

14"/350mm Tacti-Cut blades

$99 incl GST each

16"/400mm Tacti-Cut blades

$145 incl GST each

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Best on: Iron, Ductile iron, Metal

Good on: Concrete hard, Concrete medium, Concrete soft, Granite, Abrasive, Railway rail

Acceptable on: Reinforced concrete, Brick, Block, Roof tile, Green concrete (abrasive) hard, Green concrete (abrasive) soft, Asphalt, Glass, Cured concrete medium

14" $150 (RRP $425)

16" $250 (RRP $595)

Limited stocks only

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Machine Types Key:

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- Floor Saw

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- Brick Saw

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- Hand Saw

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