Diamond Hand Polishing Pads

Our electroplated diamond hand sanding pads can be used wet or dry, for hand grinding and polishing of  glass, natural or engineered stone, tile, ceramic, porcelain, alumina, concrete and composites.
Also ideal for deburring, tool sharpening and defect removal.
Our pads are well suited for rough grinding or fine polishing in hard to reach spaces, edges, corners etc. 
A little water on the grinding surface improves the process.

Please note  - Trade series in stock now. Flexis and Swiflex range due Feb 2020.

KGS's Flexis series are professional standard pads with dot pattern. These pads are more more flexible, because of the dot pattern, which maxes them excellent on curved surfaces. Free cutting and long lasting. Measure 90 x 55 x 30mm.

  • 60 grit very coarse $40
  • 120 grit coarse-medium $35
  • 200 grit medium $30
  • 400 grit medium-fine $25
  • 800 grit fine $20
  • 1500 grit very fine $20
  • 3000 grit ultra fine $20

The Swiflex by KGS are hand pads with open structure and a continuous wave pattern of diamonds. These pads are very hard, so good for flat surfaces and straight grinding. This also allows a high stock removal rate, with very little clogging. Measure 85 x 55 x 30mm.

  • 60 grit very coarse $20
  • 120 grit coarse-medium $20
  • 200 grit medium $20
  • 400 grit medium-fine $20

Our Trade Series pads measure 95 x 60 x 30mm. Use on glass projects to remove snags and smooth off edges. Remove kiln wash, roughen or polish glossy glass or ceramic surfaces, smooth fused glass edges, smooth stones, granite and rock. The hard wearing synthetic diamond surface is backed by a soft foam grip.

  • 60 grit very coarse
  • 100 grit coarse-medium
  • 200 grit medium
  • 400 grit medium-fine
  • All $25 each including GST

Prices correct as of 1/12/19 but subject to change. All prices are each, and include GST. Postage extra.

Eight standard pads can fit in an 500 gram airbag, so see our Contact Us page for Australia wide regular and express postage prices.



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