Tuck Point Blades

Needed when cutting out mortar before repairing

Our tuckpointing blades are used to remove mortar between bricks that are old, weak or damaged, or the head or bed joints need replacing.

Our blades are the ideal choice for tradies or DIYers to quickly remove old mortar from masonry joints.
These tuck pointers are for use on angle grinders and come in sizes from 4 inch (105mm) to 6 inches (150mm).
Segments are 6mm or 6.4mm thick, arbour size is 7/8"/22.23mm.

Note - If you are cutting dry, always be aware of the danger of breathing in the dust. Ensure a dust extraction system is used with a suitable filter fitted. Use a half face respirator or a PAPR (Powered air purifying respirator). Even if you are cutting wet, the slurry created can dry out and create a hazard for other users - dispose of slurry as per your local regulations. View our dust collection accessories.

Tuck Point Blades


4"/105mm Diamond Tuck Point Blade

  • 4"/105mm Diameter
  • 6.4mm thick
  • 22.2mm Centre
  • $95 incl GST ex stock Perth

4.5"/115mm Diamond Tuck Point Blade

  • 4.5"/115mm Diameter
  • 6mm thick
  • 22.2mm Centre
  • $75 incl GST ex stock Perth

5"/125mm Diamond Tuck Point Blade

  • 5"/125mm Diameter
  • 6.4mm thick
  • 22.2mm Centre
  • Premium $120 incl GST
  • Dymaxion 6mm $99 incl GST

6"/150mm Diamond Tuck Point Blade

  • 6"/150mm Diameter
  • 6 mm thick
  • 22.23mm Centre
  • $110 incl GST

For larger blades (250 - 350mm) see our Loop blades here

Prices correct as of 1/9/21, but subject to change.

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