Diamond Blades for Concrete

Our Premium concrete blades were originally developed for dry cutting in the US market, so are tough and durable and can operate with reduced water that you sometimes get on site.
Concrete, reinforced concrete, concrete kerbs and pipes as well as concrete pavers require United Diamond Tools "white" blades. They also suit reconstituted limestone pavers.

Green concrete is concrete that has set but not fully hardened or cured. Full hardening may take up to months to occur. Green concrete is highly abrasive, so we suggest a United Diamond Tools "black" blade.

Newly laid exposed aggregate is best cut with a concrete blade or our black chasing blades - these blades have excellent undercut protection if you go through to the under base.
Cured exposed aggregate usually suit this white blade range.

Note - If you are cutting dry, always be aware of the danger of breathing in the dust. Ensure a dust extraction system is used with a suitable filter fitted. Use a half face respirator or a PAPR (Powered air purifying respirator). Even if you are cutting wet, the slurry created can dry out and create a hazard for other users - dispose of slurry as per your local regulations.


From $95
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Diamond Blade Perth

12"/300mm ($175 ea Incl GST)
14"/350mm ($195 ea incl GST)
16"/400mm ($235 ea incl GST)

A great quality blade at a very affordable price for concrete or reinforced concrete. It features 10mm segments and "R Series" Full Radius Undercut Protection (undercut protection reduces the chances of the blade biting or kicking back, or segments coming off).

For budget blades, see here

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5"/125mm $35 ea incl GST

12"/300mm $295 ea incl GST

14"/350mm $330 ea incl GST

16"/400mm $350 ea incl GST

18"/450mm $350 ea incl GST

20"/500mm $440 ea incl GST

Our Premium series Diamond blades are made in Korea. The "R Series" Full Radius Undercut Protection makes it one of the safest blades to use on the Australian market. This is an excellent wearing blade and is great for all trades.

5"/125mm blade does not have undercut protection, but is ideal for getting into those fiddly areas your big blade wont reach (22.23mm/20mm centre).

In 20"/500mm, we offer a blade for low powered floor saws (15-20 HP) at $395 incl GST or high powered (35-48HP), with Zenesis diamond array at $495 incl GST.

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Husqvarna Floor saw Blade - 510mm White 420

husqvarna-420-white-diamond-blade-555x416.jpeg 20"/510mm
  • Optimal: Cured concrete hard, medium and soft , reinforced concrete, exposed aggergate


  • Diameter: 510mm
  • Segment Height: 10mm
  • 1"/25.4mm centre

3 only $595 Incl GST


Machine Types Key:
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- Floor Saw

brick saw logo - Brick Saw
hand saw logo - Hand Saw

Prices correct as of 1/5/22 but subject to change.
All prices are each and include GST.

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