Concrete cutting, machinery, safety and maintenance videos

This is us!

This video by Stihl is 40 minutes long, but it covers all the aspects of safety, operation and maintenance of their cut quicks. Most info would also be applicable to Husqvarna demolition saws.

Obviously this is an American video, but it sums up what we need to know to make sure you get the right blade for the job you are doing.

See the Golz range of drills and drill stands in use here. We currently stock both Golz drills (FB33P and FB33S) and a KB125 drill stand in Bibra Lake.

The Stihl powered KB350 Core Drill is made by Golz. It is the modern solution for sewer pipe and concrete drilling in the Civil Works and Building Construction Industry. Available from UDT:

See how to start your Husqvarna demoltion saw. The demo is on the K970, but the K760 is very similiar.

See how to change the belts on your Husqvarna demoltion saw, both the K760 and K970. And the only tool you need is the multi tool that came with your quick cut!

This is how they do their wall chasing in Sydney:

60" core drilling (that's 1500mm to you and me!) in the US.

How diamond blades and core barrels are made. This Austrian company is heavily into automation, like all the reputable suppliers :

Got some old diamond blades? You can make them into a super sharp knife in this video. Imagine seeing one with a Western Australian jarrah handle!

Or an "Axife" - an axe and knife combined.

Another tool to make from old diamond blades - a draw knife:

Or maybe make a diamond blade into a clock.

Asian scaffold is not always the same standard as ours. See this example from Hong Kong which is bamboo and string.