Basic Safety when working with Diamond Blades

Always wear eye and hearing protection! Wear respiratory mask for dry cutting!

Careless or improper use of a diamond blade could cause personal injury!

  • Do not use any tools if damage is suspected.
  • Install the blade with the arrow pointing in the rotation direction of the tool.
  • Use a blade that is suitable for the machine and the material to be cut.
  • Check for suitability of cutting dry.
  • Check diamond blade for damage before installing.
  • Check machine condition before performing any cutting operations.
  • Check for a tight fit to the shaft of the machine.
  • Check condition of blade regularly.
  • Check all electrical cords and plugs (if applicable) and protect them from water.
  • Never cut without the metal guard in place.
  • Be aware of fume build up even in open buildings
  • Do not apply side pressure or use it as a side grinder.